Baked / Roast

High quality handmade
skateboard furniture


Two products, both skateboard inspired. Made with high quality standards of natural, durable materials.
Crafted with care in the city of Breda, the Netherlands.

“The Netherlands-based Baked / Roast is creating a bunch of awesome handmade furniture using skateboard decks as the focal point.” - Cool Material

“The brand’s style is freshly unique while still remaining familiar.” - The Hundreds

“It’s also crafted with attention to detail, for instance including countersunk bolts on the deck to result in a smooth surface finish.” - Gear Hungry

“Baked / Roast tries to reinvent the usage of existing products, starting with The Wood One and The Steel One. Two pieces of furniture with skateboards as the focal point." - The gadget flow

“Somehow the transition from a sporty, movable object to a stationary piece of furniture comes very naturally to the skateboard’s form. Hashtag Awesome!” - Yanko Design

“Baked Roast creates some unique Handmade Skateboard Furniture which is sure to blow your mind, and provide some unique spots for sitting and decor.” - Stupid Dope


Baked / Roast is an anagram for Skateboard. We tend to look at existing products from a different perspective in order to make unique combinations. We believe that real quality is achieved by combining the best materials with the finest craftsmanship. No compromises.

Our vision

We tend to look at things from a different perspective. That’s why we built the skateboard furniture for Baked / Roast. We believe that when you cruise through a city you will look at it in a different way. We like to stop doing anything and wonder, and that's how we create our furniture.


How we work

We design and build our products by hand in Breda, the Netherlands. We believe that local made products are the best products.

All our products are designed with high precision, with the use of natural, durable materials. We make products that last.

About us

How we get inspired

We get inspired by all kind of things. Quite a cliche, but we get inspired by the world around us. We have a weakness for art, photography, music, well designed products and of course, the skateboard scene. We truly love all kinds of creativity, self expression and crafts.

Stay true to yourself!


Why Baked / Roast Skateboard furniture

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